Apathetic Adolescents in the World of Politics

People believe the youth today have a decreased enthusiasm about the world of politics. If it’s not forced upon them in school, it’s not relevant tRepublican-vs-Democrat-Red-and-Blue-530x328o their daily lives of social media and technology. For some adolescents, this accusation is relevant to them, but for most, politics are a bigger influence on their lives than most would think.

Politics have always been relevant in our lives from a young age. In my family we have to avoid the subject of politics at any family gathering since some family members of mine belong to opposite parties. But, my father being the extreme conservative, throws an undercut to the democrats and my aunt retaliates and soon enough a FOX News debate breaks out in the Paldino Household.

I’ve been raised in a full, right-wing Republican household for my entire life, and for a while I believed I would grow up to be the same as my pareObama-Romney-Second-Debate-Photo-APnts in the political world. Then, I started to personally watch the news and understand politics and I found myself agreeing with the liberals more often than conservatives, but I do also agree with some conservative points such as gun rights. Therefore, I’ve declared myself as an Independent. I plan to be a voter when I turn eighteen and keep up on the world news around us. I won’t be an apathetic teenager towards our country, but I will try to change it for the better, and I know that there are many others out there who think the same way.

Matt Morley states, “We just think that traditional politics seems really old-fashioned. When you watch prime minister’s questions, it looks like some kind of pantomime. All that baying and shouting doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the issues we face. What we want to know is: are we going to be able to get a job or buy a house?”(Young People Aren’t Apathetic...). This quote stuck out to me, because it’s true, he is correct about “traditional” politics being old-fashioned and just plain boring to anyone who watches it.  Now, I’m not saying that debates should be rap battles, but they could be more intriguing and actually addressing matters at hand. This article talks about how the youth are not apathetic, but they do need a push towards politics and actually gaining interest in it. He’s not saying that teens must be brainwashed with political parties, but should be able to develop their own opinions on social and political matters in the United States.

Then in the video linked below, “Should Teenagers Have The Right To Vote?” talks about lowering the voting age to fourteen, which is the legal voting age in several countries around the world. One man in the video says that, “If at the age of fourteen you can be tried as an adult, you should be able to vote,” and I thought this to be an interesting topic. Why is it that we can be tried as an adult at fourteen and yet still be considered a child when deciding what’s best for this country? This is where the only woman in the video comes in and talks about how no onvoting_colre under the age of fourteen could make a sensible decision such as electing the next leader of our country. She then proceeds to mock teenagers saying that, “Justin Bieber would be president”. I believe this woman underestimates the youth; age is just a number, and a fourteen year-old girl could be just as a qualified voter as a 21 year-old college student. May I also state, if we are seen eligible to enlist in the military at seventeen and able to serve our country, why is the voting age at eighteen? I don’t believe the voting age should be lowered to fourteen, but I do believe seventeen is the ripe age for young voters. That teenagers should be given more credit than what is actually awarded to them. Most plan to make a difference in our country, may it even be being the next president.

In the video linked under is “Action 1D”. This video, just released today, shows video clips of millions of supporters who plan to change the world for the better. Though, yes, it is a campaign developed by One Direction, do not be so quick to judge it, since these boys were able to call out to millions of fans and have their opinions be voiced to the world and world leaders. Throughout, the men and women in the videos voice their opinions on how the world could be made a better place, from social matters to environmental issues. These fans, young men and women who are all seen as unknowledgeable of worldwide issues, are all supporting a better future for our world.


McGill students film their vote mob video for the 2011 federal election on campus. Apr 14 2011

So, to conclude this blog, it’s obvious where I stand on this matter. I believe that the youth is not apathetic towards politics, but very much invested in it. Young people today plan to change the world, it’s always been a childhood dream for most. Though we are seen as the ones who do not care, those accusing us of apathy should be seen as ignorant ones, since they cannot tell that teenagers and young adults around this country are proactively trying to make it better. 


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