The Ideologies of America

The two major ideologies of America are Conservatism and Liberalism, and I have to admit I don’t identify with either. Sadly, both conservatives and liberals are constantly in the ring fighting against each other for their beliefs and those third parties are in the middle being pushed around. I mentioned this in the last post, but I’ve grownd trump up in a heavily, influenced right-wing, conservative home. My parents and grandparents both watch O’Reilly at 6:00 PM everyday and they believe Donald Trump should be the next president.

I’ve always believed I would end up becoming just like them as a kid, and as my sister went through college and started to lean towards liberalism, I became my family’s project. But, it failed as I became older and developed my own opinions on matters. When I told my parents about my results from the ideology quiz, my dad called me a, “Hillary lover” because I identified as a Centrist. My mom calls feminists, “Fema-Nazis,” and is completely pro-life instead of pro-choice. Now you must be wondering how I survived in this family. I actually don’t know how my sister and I did it, but I’m not here to bash my parent’s beliefs, I’m here to talk about them.

I read the article Consimageservatives vs. Liberals to clearly explain the differences between the two major ideologies of our seemingly great country. Conservatives want a limited government, Planned Parenthood defunded, same-sex marriage banned, etc. Whereas liberals want higher taxes, free health care for all, guns taken away from the public, etc. Now, in these lists that I have created, I listed the things I disagree with most in both ideologies. I do find things I agree with for both also, but I will address that later. After reading the article and seeing how much conservatives and liberals differ from each other they should be named water and oil. I believe instead of separating ourselves into two opposing sides, we should make the third parties more known, because the way our country is going with these differences, identifying as either red or blue could be the outline for a civil, political war.

Then after watching the video of Kim Davis being released from jail having the song “Eye of the Tiger” playing as she walked over to Mike Huckabee as if she were a savior, made me disgusted. The republican party treated Kim Davis as a messiah as if she were sent here to decline people of their right to marriage. Kim Davis here is not our savior people, you can pick just about kim davisanyone else. How about the people serving in the military and actually protecting our country? I believe the Supreme Court made the right decision legalizing same-sex marriage federally, and letting those in every state have their right. Kim Davis was too guided by her beliefs, and was eventually arrested because she would not administer two homosexual men their marriage licenses. I believe people should be able to love whoever they want as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, and Mrs. Davis had no right to take their rights from them.

I then found a video of the California State Senator Kevin de Leon talk about a “ghost gun” and use incorrect terms to describe said gun. I’m going to state this now, the video below is the only one that wasn’t completely rudeand it does show how incorrect  the gun he is holding in his hand, but at the very end it is slightly more insulting say that he’s “drunk,” and should “go home.” I just wanted to let you know that I havede leon nothing against this Senator, but he does exhibit proof that people should be more knowledgeable when handling guns. Senator de Leon had no idea what he was saying in this video and this leads to gun education and the knowledge about guns. People need to learn that guns don’t shoot themselves and physically kill, but the person handling the gun and squeezing the trigger kill people. Now, I’m not saying let’s give everyone and their mother a gun, their should be some limitations to those with mental disabilities and criminal background. But, I do want to state that owning a gun for self defense is protected by the Second Amendment in our Constitution and we should respect and honor it.

Now for the moment of truth, which ideology do I identify with? Well, after doing some research I obviously don’t agree with the ones above, and I even looked up the Independent Party and they seemed to be too conservative for my taste. So, I went with my ideology quiz results and searched up the Centrist Ideology and discovered I identified with it the most. “Centrists don’t have party lines. Centrists believe that solutions are more importantcentrist than bias,” stated on the Centrist Ideology Website. They are the ones who sit in the middle and occasionally agree with somethings from both sides. I agree with conservatives on their stance about the death penalty, gun control, lowering taxes, immigration and health care. But, I then agree with the liberals on same-sex marriage, pro-choice, euthanasia, religious freedom, and the environment. I’ve always been a wishy-washy person when it comes to decisions, but I will always be dead-set on my beliefs and there is no one who can change my mind about what I believe in. In the end, I guess it will work out with me being a Centrist in my family, I can agree with them on some things, but I can also ruin a good dinner when mentioning anything liberal.


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